Every week , in addition to our documentary, we will publish an educational sheet, in open access, about our trip and on sustainable food.

Letter 1 : The project

Letter 2 : The bags

Letter 3 : Arrival in Canada

Letter 4 : Our first experiences in the USA

Letter 5 : Oregon Coast and american pancakes recipe

Letter 6 : Halloween and vegan chicken

Letter 7 : Fires in California and vegan food

Letter 8 : Good bye USA, Hola Mexico !

Letter 9 : Mexico’s Delights

Letter 10 : Crossing “Baja California” part 1

Letter 11 : Crossing “Baja California” part 2

Letter 12 : A new Mexico

Letter 13 : From Jalisco to Michoacan

Letter 14 : Bio-plastics and Monarchs butterflies

Letter 15 : Mexico’s Chinampas

Letter 16 : From Mexico to Oaxaca

Letter 17 : Fair Trade Coffee

Letter 18 : From Oaxaca to Chiapas

Letter 19 : 4th country Guatemala

Letter 20 : From Acatenango to Salvador

Letter 21 : Family break in Costa Rica

Letter 22 : Traditional seeds in Costa Rica

Letter 23 : Little detour through paradise

Letter 24 : Insect protein bars

In addition of the educational program, “Support members” of the association “Les Productions de la Girafe” will be able to exchange regularly with Sylvain and Kalima on their adventures and their meetings through e-mails and Skype. Before and after the trip, conferences will also be organized in partner schools.

To become a member, nothing is easier :

Direct link : https://www.helloasso.com/associations/les-productions-de-la-girafe/adhesions/devenir-membre-de-l-association-2018-2019

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