Why traveling on a recumbent bike ?

Because, in addition to the assets that the “normal bike” presents, the recumbent bike is the best way to meet people !!!

Meeting: our strange ride will certainly generate discussions and adventures that we would not have lived with a normal bike (as we have already tested in Morocco).
Comfort: in addition to being atypical, it is especially much more comfortable than a normal bike. Say goodbye to the back ache and “ass ache”, welcome to the wonderful world of late afternoon where only stretching are enough to get off on a good start the next morning.



  • Ecological: respect for the environment is an essential component of our documentary. We will take as few fossil fueled means of transport as possible.
  • Independent : the bike allows us to choose our own route without depending on schedules and defined routes. We will be able to go in complete freedom to meet the interviewees.
  • At human speed: neither too slow nor too fast, the bike allows us to stop easily, to take the time to contemplate the road, and to be in direct contact with nature and the world around us.

Sticking to freedom as our guideline, we have chosen to go backpacking and camping to bivouac in total independence off the beaten track.

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