Outcast Production et To Be Continued produce our documentary. They are our indispensable allies to achieve properly the project.

Les productions de la Girafe is the association that supports our project.






Cultures en Ville is an urban agriculture development company. It develops vegetable ecosystems in the heart of the city to make them more autonomous and resilient. link






Detam is a specialist in covering building and puts in place solutions adapted to your roofing, waterproofing and cladding projects. lien


Biosense is the specialist in bedding and high quality organic latex mattresses 100% natural. link





Secoya offers solutions to support production companies to undertake an ecological transition. link






Atelier Renard, saddler in Paris since 1930, offers high-end and custom bags. link





Innopublica supports organizations in the field of digital transformation and assists them on their data strategy and governance issues.




Thanks to François Frys, Emmanuel Noujaim, Thaïs Beaufils, Brigitte Montaut, Caroline Deconinck, Fanny Deconinck, Mathieu Caps, Gérard Chassagne, Eleanor Floyde Sutcliffe, Anne et François Dassonville, Sandrine Fourneau, Alban Chassagne, Margaux Deconinck, Julie Monceau, Gauthier et Pascale Leurent, Yes Le Jan, Carlos Sanchez, Pascal Rest, David Lucullo, Juliette Dassonville, Lauriane Thiriat, Cathy Dutheil, Fabienne Polzl, François Pulliat, Frédéric Bougon, Loïc Molon, Arthur Ragons, Myriam Bris, Romain Recher, Chloé Fabre, Léa Decroocq, Isabelle Pangault, Claire-Odile Dramard, Sophie Petit, Bruno Raquillet, Blandine Chambost, Philippe Decroocq, Charlotte Haulin, Diane Din Ebongue, Elsa Guillet, Mathieu Cauvin, Agathe Goussard, Céline Paumier, Isabelle Boigeol, Charlotte Michel, Elodie Le Bail, Johann Giraud, Aurélie Courault, Jade Nave, Foodorama is a dream came true ! link








Azub, a team of passionate who make a whole range of recumbent bicycles, tricycles and tandem in the Czech Republic at an exceptional value for money! link






Columbia Sportswear is an American company of sportswear link






Velofasto, specialist of the recumbent bike near Rennes since 2008, it is our privileged partner for the preparation and the accompaniment in the field. link







Decathlon is a French brand specialized in sports and leisure articles. Our sponsor is the one in Paris – Porte de Chatillon link







My Green Sport distributes eco-friendly sports equipment. Their mission: “To introduce you to Eco-friendly sports equipment combining tradition and innovation. ”

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