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Thinking together to think for yourself: the French online magazine Colibris meets this ambition. Thinking together, with openness and benevolence, discover new horizons, experiences and ideas, without delivering ready-to-think.


Support of sponsorship :

Heartopia helps to multiply good deeds and move the world to the next level by supporting companies and associations in sponsorship.

They put us forward via a wide visibility campaign.



L’explorateur.eu offers to modern explorers like us a visibility through the “media of explorers” and help them in their search for funding. Here is the article they posted on our trip.



Radios, articles, exhibitions and conferences (click on the logos... but sorry it's in french) :

Rayons libres n°11






You can also support us by talking about our project in the media, around you or in the social network : Download the press kit

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