1 year (and 2 months now) ago … we left France! To mark this first anniversary, we said to ourselves that a little feedback on technical material for future globetrotters would be useful.

We were lucky to be supported by different partners whether it is financial or equipment, which allowed us to be very equipped.

The recumbent bike

Eternal debate since our departure: Did we do well to go on recumbent bikes and how would have been a traditional upright bike trip? Well… we’ll never know…

“Azub” our sponsor for our trip we offered us a bike as well as assistance and spare parts during the trip.

Benefits of the recumbent bike:

  • Comfort: always comfort … It’s a pleasure to be on these bikes. It feels like a lounge chair. No pain if not muscle when you pedal!
  • Solidity: These are assault characters made of hardened steel. Heavy but resistant!
  • Vision: in this position one benefits ideally from the landscape as in the cinema.
  • Descents: Incredible sensations and a maximum speed of 52 miles/hour without putting ourselves in danger because the center of gravity is low.
  • Falls without gravity: we are close to the ground and we (almost) never hurt when we fall because the saddlebags protect us.
  • Originality: advantage/disadvantage. We talk easily with people who ask us about our strange mounts.

Disadvantages of the recumbent bike:

  • Climbs: we can’t help ourselves with our own weight, the front wheel is a wheel of 20 inches, the chain is 2.5 times longer (thus loss of efficiency), all the weight is at the back and the bike is heavy. All this makes that in the climbs we feel that we are less efficient than with an upright bike and we spend more energy … and we must say that we spend a very, very and very lot of time in the climbs …
  • Originality: these bikes seem for the “rich” and attract attention. Sometimes, we would like to be more discreet … especially when security is a problem.
  • Weight: they are 50 pounds, just that
  • Price: they are about twice as expensive as a good touring bike

And at the end, we still ended up loving so much our bikes!

Technical material

Our main technical material sponsor is “Columbia” brand. They equipped us from head to toe and we could even renew our equipment after a year of travel. This is a chance for us because we need quality clothes, light and resistant for all the weather conditions that we encounter.

Here is a small review of essentials for our trip:

1 tent 2 places “MSR Hubba Tour” OK Ideal tent for 2, light, spacious BUT not made for hot weather (as in Central America) we can’t remove the roof and the vents are minimal. On the other hand really top for the mountain (10 ° more inside than outside).
2 Floor Mat “Therm A Rest Prolite” OK 1 puncture in 1 year and a comfort that satisfies us. Thank you Julie and Gab!
2 sleeping bags “Valandre GrassHopper” OK 25°F / tested and approved in the Andes range at 14,700 feet.
2 airbags no We sent them back and we use the bag of the mattresses that we fill with clothes.
2 silk bags “Decathlon” OK Useful when it is hot and also in cold weather in addition to the sleeping bag.
2 ultralights hammocks (without mosquito net) no Needless. It would have needed a mosquito net to complete our tent that is not made for hot weather.
1 survival blanket OK But often to replace because fragile.
1 stainless steel potty with 2 sets of cutlery + MSR gas hob maybe We left with a “light” kitchen equipment, a single small potty, no stove, 1 bowl and 1 plate for 2, no liquid fuel stove (type MSR) but a gas stove. We had a little trouble finding at times the gas cylinder. We advise anyway for isolated trips the gas stove. On the other hand, the light configuration works very well.
1 Swiss army knife and 1 opinel OK To play MacGyver
2 retractable glasses + 1 bowl + 1 plate “Seat to Summit” OK Super practical and lightweight
1 non-polluting multipurpose soap for rivers OK Eco-friendly and useful after a day of cycling …
2 stainless steel gourds “Super Sparrow” OK A little heavy but practical because dual use: keeping warm and cold
1 CamelBaK 1/2 gallon OK Useful especially for the recumbent bike
1 water tank 2.5 gallon “Ortlieb” OK Indispensable for the shower, the dishes and as a reserve of drinking water
1 mini water filter “Sawyer” OK Top, cheap and very effective
1 lighter OK  
1 solar lamp “SolarPuff from Solight Design” OK Offered by “My Green Sport”. Charges in the sun. We love it and we use it every day in our tent and for dinner.
2 headlamps OK Take USB charging headers
2 micro fiber towels “Decathlon” OK Essential and practical
1 fishing rod with small equipment OK Opinions diverge … Sylvain finds it indispensable …
Toilet bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, deo, antiseptic gel, baby wipe, shower gel, cream, sunscreen, tweezers, nail cutter, ear cure, razor, labello, anti-mosquito, arnica oil, toilet paper, handkerchiefs , headband, earplug) OK The most that takes a little space and weight: arnica massage oil for sports recovery
Pharmacy kit (micropure, dolipran, tiorphan, spasfon, smecta, amoxicillin, oflaxine, codified daphalgan, antadys, dacryoserum, diamox / asp venom, bandage, compress, bandage, disinfectant, tea tree) OK The smecta and the anti-bio have been renewed several times during this trip … turistas with repetition oblige!
2 pairs of glasses OK We lost 3 in 1 year … now they are plastic and all striped
2 caps “Columbia” OK Practical under the helmet
4 hides (2 in fleece and 2 buffs) OK The polar serve as a hat and it is very practical.
2 Outdry jackets “Columbia” OK Top, we had at the beginning other waterproof jackets breathing, which did not last due to the bad weather. These jackets are less breathable, although it is possible to open under the armpits ventilation but really waterproof.
4 down jackets “Columbia” OK 1 for the sport and 1 for the evening. In high mountains, we sometimes put two jackets on top of each other.
2 rain pants “Decathlon” OK Cheap and efficient enough for the number of rainy days we had …
2 under silk gloves + 2 pairs of bike gloves “Decathlon” maybe We use the bike gloves every day but the silk gloves not necessary, because not hot enough. It’s better to have another pair of warm gloves.
2 pairs of warm gloves “Columbia” OK We started with light, cheap and normally waterproof gloves. We exchanged them for real “Columbia” gloves, warm and waterproof.
2 swimsuits maybe We ended up returning that of Sylvain who goes very well … Long live the great outdoors!
2 pairs of shoes “Outdry of Columbia OK The pair of Kalima is perfectly waterproof, that of Sylvain curiously seems a little less while the technology is the same. After a year of intensive use, they ended up tearing slightly on top and we renewed them. They are breathable and warm.
2 pairs of sandals OK Indispensable for all hot regions, even if the style can be questioned …
2 pairs of waterproof socks “Seal Skinz” maybe Quite heavy, expensive and it took us 10 months to use them for the first time. But once you have soaked your shoes and it’s cold, they become wonderful and keep your feet dry and warm.
2 short-sleeved T-shirts “Columbia Omni Freeze” OK Top, no sewing problem even after one year and dries quickly
3 long-sleeved T-shirts (1 “Damart”, 1 cotton, 1 synthetic) OK Damart to sleep when it’s cold, cotton for the evening or to sleep and synthetic for the sport
1 cotton tank top + 1 synthetic maybe Cotton for the evening or for sleeping and synthetic for the sport. I find T-shirts better than tank tops because they protect the skin more and Columbia’s are light.
1 hot shirt “Columbia” OK But not essential. For the evening or the city
1 light city pants OK To change from the technical garment …
1 pant / short 2 in 1, convertible “Columbia” OK A must! After one year the seams are tired but we use it every day
1 long cotton leggings OK To sleep or for the evening
1 shorts “Columbia” OK Good to have a second shorts (in addition to the convertible) for hot weather, when the other is dirty
5 pairs of socks OK  
7 knickers OK  
2 synthetic bras OK At first I had 3 but 2 are enough with the swimsuit. 1 seamless for sport.
3 short-sleeved T-shirts “Columbia Omni freeze” OK Light, breathable and dry quickly. They are in perfect condition after one year.
1 long-sleeved shirt “Columbia Titanium” OK Light and breathable, practical when it’s hot to protect against mosquitoes and the sun.
1 synthetic tank top OK Only 1 tank top is enough. Good when it’s hot, but the sun hits the shoulders with a recumbent bike.
1 short-sleeved T-shirt in warm cotton OK For the evening and to sleep
1 merino long-sleeved T-shirt OK To sleep when it is cold and for the sport because it breathes well while being hot.
1 pair 2-in-1 trousers / shorts “Columbia” OK Essential. More often used in shorts mode than pants so that now it becomes two-colored with the sun.
1 warm fleece tights “Decathlon” OK To sleep in cold weather or under bike shorts … comfort rather than class!
1 shorts “Columbia Titanium” OK Returned to France at first and finally it comes back to us because it is handy to have at least two shorts for cycling.
1 light city pants OK Linen pants, ideal for warmth and change a little technical clothing. Possibility to put the pantyhose in case of cold.
5 pairs of socks OK  
5 boxers OK  
3 pairs of bike bag + 1 rack pack “Ortlieb Free” OK Free for “PVC free”. Essential, waterproof, practical and resistant! We love them!
1 double saddle bag special recumbent bike OK Small practical seat bag to get what you need to keep on hand. Replaces the handlebar bag for upright bikes.
1 mini double bag “Decathlon” OK Fixed under the seat and allows to put the tools for the bike.
1 backpack ultralight 4 gallons “Nature and Discovery” OK Very light and foldable. Very convenient for trips without bike even if at times we would like a little more capacity.
1 small bag for papers OK  
2 helmets “Decathlon” OK Indispensable, of course!
1 compass no  
2 pennants OK Especially for recumbent bikes, to be more visible.
1 mini model bicycle pump maybe We should have taken a model a little bigger that can be kept on the ground with the foot
Tool kit (1 set, 1 collet, 1 spoke wrench, 4 × 2 spokes, 2 inner tube, 3 tire lever, 1 end of chain, 3 allen keys, 1 lubricant, 1 string, 2 clothespins, necklaces colson, gaffer, american paste, butile, paperclips, 1 dirty cloth, wire, brush, safety pin) maybe Instead of the mini set 11 in 1 (allen keys, disassemble links etc.) we should have taken the tools separately being a little heavier and less compact because this tool is not practical for repairs and we had to use it a lot.
2 tensioners OK  
1 alarm no Never used because we were afraid it was triggered by mistake with the wind in the night. We sent it away.
1 anti theft OK It is light one and can be easily cut but it reassures us at night when we leave the bikes near the tent.
Photo / Video Bag”Manfrotto Manhattan” OK It took a while to find it. It is at the back of Sylvain’s bike, hung with turnbuckles and very practical with his storage. The waterproof cover was doubled by an additional tarpaulin.
2 mobile phones OK An Iphone as more adapted for the drone
1 Asus Zenbook laptop OK Light and powerful. In Panama with the heat it made us some quirks but it is still functionning after 1 year of traveling in extreme conditions.
1 Lumix GH5 + device 12-35 F2.8 II + 75 F1.8 OK Ideal for video (less convenient for my taste for the photo). It lacks a 50mm to be complete and work well.
Double charger + 3 batteries OK  
1 ND filter 58mm for GH5 OK Essential for video
1 sun visor for GH5 OK  
1 GoPro Hero 6 OK Very useful for making photos and videos quickly.
1 Zhiyun Crane + Stabilizer OK Indispensable for beautiful travelings for our films but it is heavy
1 Mavic Pro drone OK It has had great adventures (loss, fall, stuck in a tree, etc.) and always comes home in one piece!
1 foot with photo head OK We took an amateur foot in first prize for its weight but a “Manfrotto” head.
1 HF Sennheiser microphone + various hooks OK Essential for Interviews
1 Rod Kit VideoMic Pro Plus + windshield windshield + cable OK We use it when we want to be operational quickly
1 zoom H4N + Wind windscreen maybe We used it once to redo voice over
1 pair of earphones OK To check the sound
10 SD / micro SD cards OK We have about the equivalent of 1 TB
1 usb stick 128 GB OK  
1 card reader no We have a drive on the computer and we use an SD / mini SD adapter
1 Hard Disk OK 2 TB
1 USB power strip OK Allows us to charge all our devices at once on this same box.
1 international plug adapter OK  
1 block 3 sockets OK

We were able to acquire this complete equipment – we were starting with nothing – thanks to our various material and financial sponsors. We would like to thank you warmly:


Outcast Prod and TBC Prod


La SCAM, a civil society of multimedia authors

Via le Monde, Seine St Denis 93

Cultures en Ville

DETAM Siding waterproofing roofing

Unesco Chair Food of the World

Biosense Bedding – organic mattress in 100% natural latex

Secoya Eco Tournage

L’oiseau Vert

Atelier Renard


AZUB recumbents

Columbia Sportswear


Decathlon Paris – Porte De Châtillon

Bajadventours Bike Shop & Lounge

My green sport

And you all on Hello Asso

François Frys, Emmanuel Noujaim, Thaïs Beaufils, Brigitte Montaut, Caroline Deconinck, Fanny Deconinck, Mathieu Caps, Gérard Chassagne, Eleanor Floyde Sutcliffe, Anne et François Dassonville, Sandrine Fourneau, Alban Chassagne, Margaux Deconinck, Julie Monceau, Gauthier et Pascale Leurent, Yes Le Jan, Carlos Sanchez, Pascal Rest, David Lucullo, Muriel Leurent, Juliette Dassonville, Lauriane Thiriat, Cathy Dutheil, Fabienne Polzl, François Pulliat, Frédéric Bougon, Loïc Molon, Arthur Ragons, Myriam Bris, Romain Recher, Chloé Fabre, Léa Decroocq, Isabelle Pangault, Claire-Odile Dramard, Sophie Petit, Bruno Raquillet, Blandine Chambost, Philippe Decroocq, Charlotte Haulin, Diane Din Ebongue, Elsa Guillet, Mathieu Cauvin, Agathe Goussard, Céline Paumier, Isabelle Boigeol, Charlotte Michel, Elodie Le Bail, Johann Giraud, Aurélie Courault, Arnaud Padallé, Morgane Cicolella, Jade Nave

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