Accustomed to filming, we know that the technical means partly define the quality of the film. We have the constraint of carrying lightweight and compact equipment for the trip without compromising the demands of a professional job. After several tests, we chose to bring with us:

-1 video camera Lumix GH5 with 2 Panasonic lenses : 12-35 F2.8 II + 35-100 F2.8

-1 camera Fuji X100F with a 35mm lens

-1 action camera

-1 drone Mavic Pro

-1 kit Rod Videomic Pro Plus

-1 micro HF Sennheiser

-1 zoom H4N

-1 tripod with video head

-1 stab Zhiyun Crane 2

This material will allow us to make the technical choices to meet the aesthetic and artistic imperatives we have set. The challenge is to articulate improvised scenes of our journey (encounters, landscapes, adventures …) and scenes shot with the interviewees.

We will film ourselves regularly in our daily life, our material must be easily accessible and usable.

We also want to highlight the beauty of the places and people we meet. A drone will offer another perspective on the issues addressed. Light travellings and slow motion images will reinforce this contemplative aesthetic necessary for the narration of the film.

The sound will be an essential component of our documentary, knowing that sound sometimes tells more than images.


Our voices will accompany the story, on top of the ambient sounds. These voice-overs will allow the viewers to immerse themselves in the intimacy of the experience. They will also make the connection between the “travel diaryparts and the subjects filmed at the end of each trip.

The music will be recorded in situ according to the country and the encounters to the extent possible, without falling into the cliché of local music.

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